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We are a couple who have been in your shoes only a few years ago! Yes, foreigners who have traveled all the way to Turkey from different parts of the world with the aim to settle in Istanbul, with absolutely no clue what Istanbul had to offer us! We needed every piece of information we could get, and friendly assistance with a touch of professionalism and expertise in the Turkish real estate market. In fact, we ended up buying from a very professional real estate agency, who actually offered us jobs with them! We worked with them and learnt a lot about Istanbul and its different areas, gaining vast experience in the field.

However, as we all know, as individuals we all have different stands and views in life. We have chosen to open up our own business where our aim is to operate with a friendly, not very commercial approach whilst preserving our professional touch and always upholding our client’s interest above all.

Rather than being your typical real estate agent, who has a pre-determined plan on which property they will sell you, our approach is a more consultative one, where we analyze your particular situation and present you with customized options that would satisfy your needs and requirements.

Due to the fact that we are the owners and founders of this business, and actually carry out the day to day business ourselves, you will instantly feel that our business module and the approach we take with our clients is very different to the one you encounter in the Turkish market. It is a more personal connection, with much bigger focus on YOU and YOUR requirements.

We do not thrive for having a large number of clients; instead, our main objective is to concentrate on being true to our clients from A to Z. The aim is to literally facilitate the process of choosing YOUR home/investment and assisting you through the whole process, including paperwork, citizenship application; renting it out, furnishing it…You name it. The fact that we have been through everything you are about to experience gives us the confidence that we can really be of assistance, because we figured that had we encountered someone with real genuine and personal advice when we first came to Istanbul; things could have been much easier on our family and us.

Now we feel that our mission is to take you through the process of purchasing your home/investment in Turkey and settling in at a much smoother pace, with as little hurdles as possible; or hopefully none at all!


  • Free consultancy
  • Free property tour
  • Tax number registration
  • Establishing a bank account

Other services available for minimal fees

  • Documents notarization
  • Title deed registration
  • Authorized lawyer for citizenship by investment program

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